Every night as my head sinks into the pillow, I have a momentary flash of anxiety. Because the pillow cradling my head is a … My Pillow. Yep, the pillow I sleep on is from the company run by that fascist white supremist conspiracy theorist delusional Trumper guy.

I bought…

the murder weapon

A murder mystery in a near-future, post-COVID world

The corpse lay sprawled on the floor of the supply room of the Do It Digital Agency, his legs splayed out between a pile of FedEx envelopes and packages of toner. A limp, pale arm draped over the scanner. His co-workers crowded in the doorway in stunned silence.

Detective John…

anxious couple

Our new coronavirus reality has created a world fraught with a heightened level of fear and anxiety for all of us. A level of fear reminiscent of the terrorism anxieties after 9/11 — though at least then we weren’t scared to touch each other.

Here are some strategies I’ve found…

Laurie Holman

Marketing and comedy writer, career development professional, thinking human.

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